Friday, December 01, 2023

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Methods and strategies for database protection

To ensure proper protection of the organization’s databases, a whole set of practices is needed in combination with regular internal control. The matrix of popular protection practices includes the following aspects: – continuous management of user access rights and prevention of excessive privileges and inactive users; – training employees in risk reduction methods, which includes […]


Definition of hacking

Hacking is a set of actions to identify and then exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or network, usually in order to gain unauthorized access to user or company data. Hacking is not always the result of malicious actions, but the term itself has acquired a negative connotation due to its frequent use in the […]


What is the purpose of hacking?

Who are hackers and for what purpose do they commit hacking? The motives for hacking may be different. Below are the most common of them. Finance The main motive is often financial gain. Attackers can earn money by stealing passwords, gaining access to bank information or credit card data, stealing data for ransom demands or […]

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